Eddy Community Center
Attn: Friends of the St. Clair River
301 N. Ninth Street, Suite 15
St. Clair, MI 48079

Sheri J. Faust, Board of Directors, President
(810) 730-5998

Lynnea McFadden, Director of Programs and Services
(906) 869-1530

Melissa Kivel, Education Manager
(810) 531-6906

Brooke Hiller, Restoration Coordinator
(269) 267-3414

Lydia Nicholas, Environmental Field Technician
(810) 294-4965

Paulette Duhaime, St. Clair River Liaison

Contact Guide

St. Clair County: Contact Your Legislator Guide 2021-2022

Use these maps, created by Michigan Sea Grant, to explore the overlap of human and natural boundaries. These maps help elected officials make wise and informed decisions about the waterways that flow through their districts.


Great Lakes Watersheds In Your District