STRATEGIC PLAN: 2019 – 2021

With a region-wide renewed interest in elevating the natural features of the Blue Water Area, Friends hired the River Network in February, 2018 with a grant from the Michigan Office of the Great Lakes to guide our organization’s first-ever strategic plan. The 10-month planning process included meetings with our consultant, gathering input from stakeholders with face-to-face interviews and online surveys, and conducting internal evaluations. This strategic planning process was overseen by the Board of Directors and was adopted by the Board November, 2018.


Download 2019-2021 Strategic Plan

This strategic plan builds on the environmental and recreational assets in St. Clair County, recognizes the areas for improvement, and realizes that there are new economic opportunities on which to capitalize. Maintaining the energy and partnership created through development of this plan will be critical to our ability to achieve each of the outlined actions.

We are advancing Friend’s mission through these five pillars presented in our 3-year strategic plan.

1. Organizational

Strengthen board and staff capacity and expertise to enhance our organization’s reputation and relevancy.

2. Fund

Ensure adequate financial stability through resources that are multi-pronged and proactive.

3. Public

Build a strong presence through effective outreach with messages that are positive, consistent and motivational.

4. Watershed

Establish robust stewardship programs for habitat management, volunteer management and citizen science.

5. Community

Design and execute mission-driven programming that educates the public in both formal and non-formal settings.